Supply Chain Management Software Evaluations

Supply Chain Management Systems

Successful Supply Chain Management software and business strategy is far more than just a one time implementation project activity; This sophisticated and complex undertaking demands a change in company thinking, planning, company culture and a continuous pursuit that evolves as customer needs change, company capabilities change and software technology changes. Supply chain management (SCM) is first and foremost a business strategy, however, Supply Chain Management software systems provide the required data management and business process automation to power supply chain and distribution strategies.

Successful supply chain software software evaluations are necessary to achieve the later phase of implementation and production success. If you mess up the supply chain software evaluation you are likely to incur a subsequent cascade of software technology obstacles, user and cultural problems and failed distribution and business processes. Fortunately, supply chain evaluation success is as much science as it is art. To learn more, check out online commuities and look for a good supply chain software blog or two.

Supply Chain Software Systems

In our next analysis, we're going to take a look at Supply Chain Management (SCM) software systems, with a particular emphasis on cloud or SaaS supply chain software systems. We're seeking out more helpful and independent reviews for cloud ERP and supply chain software systems such as NetSuite and SAP Business ByDesign - and in particular we're looking for objective reviews that include both the Strengths and Weaknesses.

Please email us if you have any online recommendations.